Stoptober 2015 – Be Ready For The Change In The Law

Stoptober 2015

Stoptober 2015

Stoptober 2015 is a public health campaign, organised by the Department of Health, designed to encourage more people to give up smoking during October 2015. The campaign provides resources to encourage and support you as you attempt to give up smoking along with thousands of other smokers.

The advantage of giving up smoking during a public campaign such as Stoptober 2015 is that it provides you with three of the most powerful tools to help you quit smoking for good. Firstly, it gives you a date to quit. Stopping smoking is something that lots of smokers would like to do, but committing to an actual date to have your last cigarette is not easy. Secondly, you have the advantage of knowing that you are attempting to give up alongside thousands of other smokers, which means that you are likely to receive far more support from friends, family and those you work with. Thirdly, there are specific resources aimed at providing support during the campaign that are all aimed at making it more likely that your attempt to stop smoking for good will be successful.

As an added incentive to join up to Stoptober 2015, this year sees a change in the law in the UK regarding smoking in a private vehicle which contains a passenger under the age of 18. From the 1st October 2015 it will be illegal to smoke in such a vehicle. Rather than having to fight the urge to smoke while you drive, Stoptober 2015 provides the opportunity to kick the habit for good.

Changes In The Law From October 1st 2015

Stoptober 2015 Driving LawsFrom the 1st October 2015 it will be illegal to smoke in a private vehicle if the vehicle is enclosed and carrying someone under the age of 18. These laws are designed to protect children from the harmful effects of breathing in second hand smoke. Therefore, it will be illegal to:

  • Smoke in a vehicle that is carrying someone under the age of 18
  • For the driver of a vehicle (including those on a provisional license) not to stop somebody from smoking in a vehicle that is carrying somebody under the age of 18

Anybody caught breaking these new laws will face the possibility of a fine of £50. That would make it a very expensive cigarette if you are caught smoking with a child in the car. The new laws do not apply to e-cigarettes.

Other Changes In The Tobacco Laws

As well as the change in the law about smoking in a car that contains children, there are two other important changes in the law regarding cigarettes and tobacco that come into effect on the 1st October. These are:

  • It will be illegal for retailers to sell e-cigarettes to under 18s
  • It will be illegal for adults to buy (or attempt to buy) tobacco products for anybody under the age of 18

All of these changes mean that there has never been a better time to give up smoking. Taking advantage of Stoptober 2015 will not only improve your health and life expectancy, it will also make your life easier and avoid the possibility of falling foul of these new laws.

How Can I Quit Smoking During Stoptober 2015?

Stoptober 2015 Driving LawsGiving up smoking is never easy, but signing up for Stoptober 2015 will make it less difficult than it otherwise would be. The most important step is making the decision to commit to seriously trying not to smoke during the campaign. If you can stop smoking for 28 days then you are five more times likely to give up for good.

You can sign up to Stoptober here and you will recieve a support pack full of resources to help you quit. You will also find lots of resources online to provide you with more information. We have included some of these links at the bottom of this article.

How Can Newline Pharmacy Help Me To Quit Smoking?

At Newline Pharmacy we offer a full smoking cessation service to help you successfully quit for good. We can provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products as well as offering you advice and support through our team of pharmacists.

If you are serious about wanting to give up smoking then call in to see one of our pharmacists at any time. Don’t worry if you miss the beginning of Stoptober 2015. Our pharmacists are there to support you all year round, and help you achieve one of the lifestyle changes that will most improve your health, energy and budget.

You can find more information on the smoking cessation services we offer by clicking the following links:

Other Useful Links

The following links connect to external sites that offer more information on Stoptober 2015, as well as the upcoming changes in the law regarding tobbaco sales, and smoking and driving.

Stoptober 2015

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