Flu Jab 2015 – Protect Yourself From Flu This Winter

Flu Jab 2015

Flu Jab 2015

The Flu Jab 2015 will be available from all branches of Newline Pharmacy this winter. We are offering all of our customers the opportunity to protect yourself from the risks associated with contracting the flu virus.

The flu virus is a particularly nasty virus which can cause serious complications for those who already suffer from underlying health conditions.

The Flu Jab 2015 will be available to anybody wishing to protect themselves from the risk of flu from the 1st October 2015 through to March 2016. You do not need to visit your GP surgery to receive the flu vaccination. You can visit any branch of Newline Pharmacy, without appointment, and speak to the pharmacist to request your Flu Jab 2015.

What Is The Flu Jab 2015?

Each year the vaccination to protect against Flu is slightly different. The World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies the strains of flu (influenza) that are likely to be the greatest risk and recommends which strains should be included in the vaccine. The Flu Jab 2015 protects against the following strains:

  • A/H1N1 – the strain of flu that caused the swine flu pandemic in 2009
  • A/H3N2 – a strain of flu that can infect birds and mammals and was active in 2011
  • B/Phuket/3073/2013

Who Can Have The Flu Jab 2015?

Flu Jab 2015 BottleMost Adults can have the Flu Jab if they wish to do so. Although Flu is an unpleasant illness, most healthy adults should recover from the flu within about a week. However, protecting yourself against flu with the Flu Jab 2015 will help to limit the chances of contracting the illness, and also limit the effects of the illness if you do contract it.

For some people, the Flu vaccine is highly recommended. Anybody with an underlying health condition, the elderly, pregnant women or those who work in health or social care settings should consider getting the Flu Jab 2015.

A very small number of people may not be suitable for a flu jab. Our pharmacists will be able to advise you if this is the case.

You can find out more about who should have the Flu Jab 2015, and which high risk groups are most at risk from serious complications in the event of contracting flu, on our Flu Jab page.

How Much Does The Flu Jab 2015 Cost?

For most people within the high risk groups, or for those working in health and social care settings, the Flu Jab 2015 is available free of charge. If you are unsure if you may qualify for a free Flu Jab then call into any of our pharmacies and ask to speak the pharmacist.

For anybody who does not qualify for a free Flu Jab 2015, then the cost of the flu vaccination is £10.00.

Further Information

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