No Smoking Day 2016 – March 9th

No Smoking Day 2016

Be Proud To Be A Quitter

No Smoking Day 2016

No Smoking Day 2016 falls on 9th March and has the theme “Proud To Be A Quitter”. Research shows that most smokers get motivated to quit smoking very suddenly, spurred into action by a specific event, milestone or resolution.

So why don’t you use No Smoking Day 2016 as your kick up the backside to quit? There are lots of benefits to your health through quitting smoking. You can have a look at our smoking cessation services to see how Newline Pharmacy can help in the process too.

Be proud to be a quitter in 2016.

Other Events That Encourage You To Quit Smoking

Other events, apart from No Smoking Day 2016, that might encourage you to quit smoking include:

  • When you are pregnant, as the potential risks are miscarriage, early birth, low birth weight and birth defects
  • Getting fit, as smoking can affect you when you exercie and make your recovery slower
  • When you become a grandparent, as smoking around children can harm them, especially when they ae babies
  • When you are ill, as even though you may think the damage is done, you will get noticeable health benefits within twenty minutes of stopping smoking
  • When you go into hospital, as most hospitals ban smoking and you will be forced to stay off ciagrettes while you are bed bound. Also, you will recover more quickly if you stop smoking
  • Stop Smoking In October – sign up to the NHS Stobtober Challenge when you try to quit for a month. You will get a free starter pack, daily tips and advice to help you. If you succeed you are five times more likely to quit for good
  • New Years Resolutions – quitting smoking is one of the most common new year’s resolutions

If you want to stop smoking at any of these times we are here to support you. We will help you though every stage of the process of quitting smoking, including providing free NHS quit packs. Just call into any of our pharmacy branches to find out more.

No Smoking Day 2016 - Stop Smoking

Excuses We Make

Lots of people make excuses not to give up smoking. What excuse do you make for not giving up?

  • The damage is done – not so. You’ll notice improvements in your breathing, sense of taste and smell in just a few days
  • I’ll gain weight – this may happen, but not if you don’t replace cigarettes with sugary treats
  • I’ll get stressed – nicotine doesn’t calm you down
  • It’s not the right timesee events that might encourage you
  • Quitting will ruin my social life – non-smokers are three times more appealing to prospective partners
  • Smoking looks good – many people find the look of smokers unattractive
  • I can’t quit because I’m addicted – see below

What Is The Best Way To Stop Smoking?

No Smoking Day 2016 - quit smokingNo Smoking Day 2016 is a great reason to quit smoking. There are methods you can use to help you in this process. Using NRT (nicotine Replacement Therapy) and other stop smoking medicines can double your chances of quitting successfully compared to will power alone. NRT won’t replace the ‘hit’ you get from a cigarette, but it will reduce your cravings.

Here are some tips to help:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Change your diet
  3. Change your drink
  4. Identify when you crave cigarettes
  5. Get some support
  6. Get moving
  7. Make non-smoking friends
  8. Use nicotine replacement therapy
  9. Make a list of reasons to quit

Helpful Behavioural Changes

Behavioural changes can be very helpful to resist the temptation to smoke. Some of the most helpful changes include:

  • You can avoid the riggers by changing your routine. For example, if you smoke when ou have a coffee, have tea or squash instead. If you smoke as soon as you wake up have a shower instead
  • You need to stay strong. Expect your cravings to be worse during the first few weeks. They will eventually pass
  • Exercise may help to reduce your cravings and relieve some withrawal symptoms
  • Be prepared for cravings at special events and have some fast acting NRT with you just in case

If you do have a cigarette or two don’t give up. Remind yourself why you quit, get support, make it hard to smoke, stay strong and keep taking any prescribed medicine to help you quit.

Further Advice

At Newline Pharmacy, we really want to help you quit smoking and improve your health. For more information and support, please call into any of our branches and ask to speak to one of our pharmacists.


  1. Name three times when smokers are likely to quit
  2. What is the best way to stop smoking?
  3. Name two behavioural changes
  4. What is the main reason for relapse?
  5. What could you do if you had a cigarette or two?
  6. Give three excuses people make for not quitting
  7. Name three tips to help you quit
  8. What does NRT stand for?
  9. When is No Smoking Day 2016?
  10. What is the theme of No Smoking Day 2016?

[expand title=”Quiz Answers”]

  1. October (Stoptober), New Year, No Smoking Day 2016, getting pregnant, becoming a grandparent, becoming ill, going into hospital, getting fit
  2. Nicotine replacement plus behaviour changes
  3. Avoiding the triggers, staying strong, exercising, being prepared, delaying
  4. Giving in to cravings
  5. Don’t give up, remind yourself why you quit, get support, make it hard to smoke, stay strong, keep taking prescribed medicine
  6. The damage is done, I’ll gain weight, I’ll get stressedit’s not the right time, it will ruin my social life, smoking looks good, I’m addicted
  7. Think positive, make a plan, change your diet, change your drink, identify when you crave cigarettes, get support, get moving, make non-smoking friends, use NRT
  8. Nicotine Replacement Therapy
  9. No Smoking Day 2016 is on March 9th
  10. Be proud to be a quitter



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