electronic prescription serviceThe Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a new service designed to make prescription collection and repeat prescription collection safer and easier.

The Electronic Prescription Service is funded by the National Health Service. The service allows your GP to send your prescriptions electronically, direct from your GP’s computer to the local pharmacy of your choice.

EPS is completely secure and confidential. Nobody other than your GP and the pharmacy of your choice will see the details of your prescription.

Patients who register for the service will have their prescriptions ready for collection by the time they visit their designated pharmacy.

Register for the Electronic Prescription Service

Who is the Electronic Prescription Service For?

EPS is suitable for anybody who:

Electronic Prescription Service Benefits

EPS is designed to make patients lives easier and take some of the stress out of feeling unwell. Patients who register for the Electronic Prescription service can benefit from all of the following features:

How The Electronic Prescription Service Works

The first stage is to choose which of our branches you would like to collect your prescriptions from. Once you have decided on which branch to choose you will then need to complete the Electronic Prescription Service Registration Form.

Once you have completed the EPS registration form we will then register your EPS details with your GP surgery. From then on all of your prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice automatically.

If the occasion ever arises that you would prefer to be issued with a paper prescription by your doctor then you can still do this. This allows you to choose a different pharmacy to collect your prescription from for any medications that you would prefer not to visit your registered pharmacy for.

You can cancel your Electronic Prescription Service registration at any time. You can also choose to change your EPS registration to a new pharmacy at any time.

Register for the Electronic Prescription Service

Further Information on EPS

The following external links provide more information on EPS.

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If you would like to speak to us about EPS and what it would mean to you then please feel free to contact any of our branches and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.