health advice

Each one of our pharmacists is a highly qualified healthcare professional able to offer you health advice on a wide range of medical and general well-being issues. Advice form our pharmacists is always free of charge at Newline Pharmacy, and all conversations and consultations are strictly confidential. Your pharmacist has access to a vast wealth of knowledge and information. If you have questions about your healthcare, or you would like to receive general health advice, then call into any Newline Pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist.

Health Advice From Newline Pharmacy

Your pharmacist is not just there to dispense medicines. They are an important part of your healthcare services. There are a number of NHS schemes designed to encourage you to seek health advice from your pharmacist.

Your pharmacist can offer you advice on how to take your medication, including advice on dealing with new medication through the New Medicines Service (NMS) and consultations to monitor ongoing long term treatments through the Medicines Use Review (MUR) scheme.

The Think Pharmacy First scheme allows your pharmacist to offer health advice and treatments for a variety of minor ailments and diseases. This can save you a visit to your GP and avoid a wait to receive treatment or medications.

Health advice is also offered for areas such as healthy living, sexual health, how to stop smoking, alcohol issues, contraception, vaccinations and travel advice. Your pharmacist can also offer advice on help for paying with prescriptions and free local services to improve your health and well-being.

When To Ask Your Pharmacist For Health Advice

No appointment is necessary to ask your pharmacist for advice. Call into any branch of Newline Pharmacy at any time to seek free health advice from your pharmacist.

Your pharmacist should be your first port of call for advice about medications, as well as for minor ailments and illnesses. However, if you think you are experiencing a more serious medical complaint then contact your GP immediately. For medical emergencies always dial 999 for an ambulance. If you are unsure which medical service you require you can follow the Choose Well guide to determine the most appropriate course of action.