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Newline Pharmacy offers a wide range of pharmacy services throughout North Tyneside and South-East Northumberland.

All of our pharmacy services are carried out by professional pharmacists and highly trained healthcare professionals. All of our staff are committed to making your health their priority.

Our pharmacy services include Pharmacy First, Medicines Use Reviews, New Medicine Service, help quitting smoking, flu jabs, emergency contraception, drug treatment services and more.

All of our branches offer private consultation and treatment rooms. Our staff take the time to get to know you, and offer a professional, friendly and individual service at all times.

Pharmacy First

pharmacy services - think pharmacy firstThink Pharmacy First is an NHS funded pharmacy service designed to make it easier for patients to receive medical treatment for some illnesses and minor ailments. Newline Pharmacy is a registered Pharmacy First pharmacy, meaning that you do not need to visit your GP to receive prescription medicines for qualifying illnesses and ailments. Our pharmacists are highly qualified healthcare professionals and experts in medication, meaning they can prescribe some medications direct to the patient without waiting to see a doctor.

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Medicines Use Review

pharmacy services - medicines use reviewThe Medicines Use Review (MUR) is another one of our important pharmacy services. Once you have been with Newline Pharmacy for three months our expert pharmacists can carry out a Medicines Use Review to check that you are using your medications correctly and that you understand what they do and possible side affects. The pharmacist will also assess whether your medicines are improving your condition. The Medicines Use Review is also to look at your medications as a whole and identify any possible conflicts or issues.

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New Medicines Service

The New Medicines Service (NMS) is a key part of offering pharmacy services that support patients with long term conditions. Funded by the NHS, the New Medicines Service helps to ensure that patients follow the correct processes for taking new medications and provides monitoring to look out for adverse reactions to new medications. The NMS also helps to engage patients with both their condition and treatment, enabling the patient to take greater control of their treatment plan.

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Patient Advocacy

Our pharmacy services are focused on prioritising every aspect of your health. As part of this service you can speak to your pharmacist at times that you may be experiencing a communication breakdown with your GP Surgery. If you feel that you have not been listened to by your doctor, or you disagree with your prescribed treatment, then speak to one of our pharmacists about your concerns. We will always listen to your concerns and will endeavour to reassure you and address your concerns. If required, our pharmacists will speak to your doctor’s surgery on your behalf and act as an intermediary between yourself and your GP surgery.

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Dosette Boxes

pharmacy services - dosette boxesPatients who are required to take multiple medications can sometimes find it confusing remembering which medicines to take and when to take them. We offer patients help remembering to take their medicines at the correct time with Dosette Boxes. These are medicine trays with compartments for each day , and time of day, that patients are required to take medication. Our pharmacists will dispense the correct number of pills into each compartment. This eases the stress of remembering to follow your treatment plan correctly.

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Smoking Cessation

pharmacy services - quit smokingQuitting smoking is the biggest single action you can take to improve your health. However, it is not easy to quit smoking. That is why Newline Pharmacy offers a range of products, supplies and treatments to help you quit. Our pharmacists can also provide you with expert advice and tips to make quitting easier. Call into any Newline Pharmacy and ask to speak to a pharmacist about stopping smoking. The pharmacist will explain what medications are available to help you quit, and advise on other aids and techniques that may be a benefit to quitting. Put your health first and stop smoking with our help.

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