Medicine Disposal

medicine disposal

If you have medicines that you no longer need or use then it is very important that you follow the correct procedures for medicine disposal. Unwanted medicines should always be disposed of properly and should not be left around the house. Medicines should never be put in the bin or flushed down the sink or toilet, to avoid being found by children or contaminating the water supply. Newline Pharmacy offers a medicine disposal service to dispose of all your unwanted medicines safely.

Safe Medicine Disposal

The safest way to deal with unwanted medicines is to avoid them in the first place. Unwanted and unused medicines waste millions of pounds every year. To help avoid this you should not order more than you need, complete all medicine courses prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist, and let your pharmacist know if you have stopped taking a course of medication.

However, we know that even using all of the best practices patients can still have their medications changed and that at times people will be left with unwanted medicines. When this happens then medicine disposal should be carried out properly. Unwanted medicines should not be left in the home as this increases the risk that they can be found and used by other people. It also increases the temptation to start taking medications again without checking if it is still safe to do so.

All unwanted medication should be taken to your local pharmacy for safe medicine disposal. Try to return your medications in their original packaging if possible. When you return your medication make sure you warn the pharmacist if any equipment contains sharp edges or if medication containers are leaking. Your pharmacist will then dispose of your medicines properly and safely.

Do not throw your old medicines into the bin as these can be found by children or animals, and can do serious harm. Do not tip your old medication down the sink or down the toilet. This can lead to the local water supply becoming contaminated, or the local environment becoming polluted.

Returned medicines are never re-used by your pharmacy. All returned medication is destroyed using safe medicine disposal procedures. This is true even if the medication has never been opened, as the pharmacist cannot guarantee that the medication has been stored safely.

Unwanted medicines can be returned to any branch of Newline Pharmacy.


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