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new medicine service

When you are first prescribed a new medicine to treat a long term condition you may have questions about your new medication. The New Medicine Service (NMS) is an NHS funded, free service designed to help you understand your new medication with the help of your pharmacist. Patients can often struggle when they are first prescribed a new medicine. The New Medicine Service is intended to support you through the first few weeks of taking the new medication. The pharmacist will help you to take your new medicines safely and effectively.

Who Qualifies For The New Medicine Service?

The New Medicine Service is initially only for patients prescribed medication to treat certain illnesses. The list of condition that qualify for the New Medicine Service may be extended in the future, but currently only medications prescribed to treat the following conditions qualify:

  • asthma
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • patients requiring new blood thinning medication

If you are unsure if you qualify for the New Medicine Service then please call into any Newline Pharmacy branch and seek advice from the pharmacist.

How The New Medicine Service Works

new medicine service prescriptionsWhen you are prescribed a new qualifying medication you can ask to speak to your pharmacist and ask to take part in the New Medicine Service. The pharmacist will speak to you about your new medication and advise you on how to take your medication, possible side effects and any lifestyle changes that may be beneficial. The pharmacist will also answer any questions you have about your new medication. All New Medicine Service consultations take place in private consultation rooms, which we have in each Newline Pharmacy branch.

Two weeks after your first appointment the pharmacist will ask to see you again. At this consultation you can discuss any difficulties you are having with the medication. If you are finding the medication difficult to swallow, or if you are finding it difficult to remember to take your medication or to fit it in with your lifestyle, then the pharmacist will offer advise on how to remedy these problems.

A further two weeks later the pharmacist will arrange your final appointment under the New Medicine Service. This will be follow up session to make sure that any difficulties have been overcome. If you are still experiencing problems and no solution can be found, then the pharmacist may refer you back to your GP.

Each appointment will last 10-15 minutes. Although the New Medicine Service officially ends after three appointments, at Newline Pharmacy we encourage you to talk to your pharmacist at any time if you have questions about your medication. Your health is our priority, and our pharmacists are always on hand to offer advice.

Further Information

If you have any questions about the New Medicine Service then please call into any of our pharmacy branches to ask for further information and advice.

You can also find out more information on the National Pharmacy Association and NHS websites at:

New Medicine Service (NMS)
Q&A about the New Medicine Service (NMS)

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