Patient Advocacy

patient advocacy

Every GP surgery and hospital service strives to give you the best healthcare available. However, at times some patients may have concerns where they feel that their GP or hospital has not listened to or answered adequately. At Newline Pharmacy we offer a patient advocacy service where we can speak to a GP or hospital department on your behalf to address your concerns. As a highly qualified healthcare professional, your pharmacist is able to pass on your concerns to your GP or hospital, clearly stating your concerns.

How Patient Advocacy Works

If you have any concerns about your healthcare treatment then please speak to your pharmacist about your concerns. It may well be the case that your pharmacist can answer your questions for you and reassure you about your healthcare concerns. However, if required, your pharmacist can also arrange to speak to the doctor or other healthcare providers on your behalf. Patient advocacy is designed to bridge any communication breakdowns between the patient and the healthcare provider. Whether you feel that you were unable to express yourself clearly in your original consultation, or whether you feel that your concerns were not listened to, your pharmacist can act as an advocate between you and the doctor. We understand that peace of mind is an important part of your well being and health and we will always do all within our power to provide that peace of mind.

Other Patient Advocacy Services

At Newline Pharmacy we always act in the best interests of patients because your health is out priority. However, we understand that you may wish to seek an entirely independent patient advocate. You can find out more about independent patient advocacy services on the NHS Choices website:

Advocacy services
What is PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service)?

Whether you would like your Newline Pharmacy pharmacist to carry out your patient advocacy, or you would prefer an independent advocate, we will be pleased to offer you advice on how to take advantage of patient advocacy services. Please call into any of our branches to ask for further information.
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