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Everybody knows that smoking is bad for your health. Many smokers would like to quit smoking but it is not an easy step to take. At Newline Pharmacy we offer you help to quit smoking.

Each of our branches offers a range of services designed to make it easier to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is the biggest step a smoker can take to improve their health and our pharmacists offer an advice and support service that means you are not alone as you try to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking: The Benefits

The risks associated with smoking are well known. Smoking increases the chances of serious health problems such as heart disease and cardiac arrests, cancer, strokes and breathing difficulties with illnesses like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

However, once you quit smoking the health benefits begin to kick in almost immediately. Some of the effects of smoking take a long time to undo which is why it is always a good idea to quit smoking as soon as you can. However, the timeline below shows how quickly your decision to stop smoking begins to improve your health.

After Benefit
10 minutes Blood pressure and pulse return to normal
8 hours Blood oxygen levels return to normal and chance of having a heart attack starts to fall
24 hours Carbon monoxide leaves the body and lungs start to clear out mucus and debris
48 hours All nicotine has now left your body. Sense of taste and smell improves
72 hours Breathing is easier and energy levels increase
2-12 weeks Circulation improves throughout body, exercise becomes easier
3-9 months Lung efficiency increases by 5-10%. Reduction in coughing, wheezing and breathlessness
5 years Chance of a heart attack is now only 50% of that of a smoker
10 years Chance of lung cancer is now only 50% of that of a smoker. Chance of a heart attack is the same as a non smoker


As well as the direct health benefits listed above, your decision to quit smoking will save you money. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day then you will save £2920 a year (based on £8 per packet). The benefits to your financial situation could translate to a decrease in stress levels and improved mental health.

Help And Support To Quit Smoking

The decision to quit smoking is an important step in improving your health. It is not easy to quit smoking which is why we offer free help and support to guide you through the process. Although some people decide to try and go ‘cold turkey’ and to try and stop smoking without any help, most people require at least some level of support.

Encouraging people to quit smoking is now a priority service for the NHS. At Newline Pharmacy we can offer you free advice on how to increase your willpower, avoid triggers that lead you to want to smoke, control the cravings for a cigarette and to manage the withdrawal symptoms as your body adjusts to life without nicotine.

It is a good idea to take advantage of as much support as possible in the process of quitting smoking. Your pharmacist will advise you on the range of options and treatments available through your pharmacy, GP surgery and local clinics.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

quit smoking with nicotine replacement therapyAs well as free advice, we also offer a range of Nicotine Replacement Therapy solutions to help you quit smoking. People who use medications to help them quit are up to four times more likely to succeed permanently in their attempts to quit smoking. Our range of NRT products includes gum, patches, inhalators and eCigarettes. NRT’s work by releasing nicotine into your bloodstream. This helps to reduce your cravings for cigarettes and also helps to ease some of the symptoms of withdrawal such as nausea, headaches, mood swings and dizziness.

Your pharmacist will be able to advise you on the most suitable form of NRT to match your current smoking levels and lifestyle. If you would like to quit smoking then call into any branch of Newline Pharmacy to discuss your options with our pharmacists. no appointment is necessary.

Champix Tablets

quit smokingChampix tablets (varenicline tartrate) are a non-nicotine course of treatment to help you give up smoking. Champix helps to relieve the craving for cigarettes and the withdrawal symptoms that go with quitting smoking.

Our Willington Quay Pharmacy branch is now one of only eleven pharmacies in North Tyneside able to prescribe and supply Champix tablets without the need to visit your GP.

Champix tablets also reduce your enjoyment of cigarettes, meaning that you are much less likely to want to start smoking again.

If you would like to know more about this service then please read our Champix Tablets newsletter.

NHS Stop Smoking Service

The NHS stop smoking service is available in all branches of Newline Pharmacy. The service will offer all of the help and advice you need to quit smoking, with weekly appointments for progress reports with the pharmacist. As part of the NHS Stop Smoking Service you may be eligible for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Your pharmacist will be able to advise you of the qualifying criteria, as well as letting you know all of the other help available.

Further Information

You can call into any Newline Pharmacy, at any time, to speak to the pharmacy team about the help available to help you quit smoking. You can also find out more information about quitting on the following NHS web pages:

Stop Smoking
Stop smoking treatments
Smokefree NHS


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