prescription services from newline pharmacyNewline Pharmacy offers a large range of healthcare services and advice. However, we never lose sight of the fact that our prescription services are the most important role to the communities we serve. Our pharmacists offer a comprehensive and professional prescription dispensing service. Our prescription services are not limited to providing your prescribed medications and treatments. We also offer advice on prescription charges, medication management and medicine use reviews.

Prescription Services

sispensing prescription servicesNewline Pharmacy offers a full prescription dispensing service. We keep all of our branches fully stocked at all times, meaning that you should not have to wait for your prescription to be ordered in. Newline Pharmacy is fully set up for the Electronic Prescription Service, meaning that your prescriptions can be sent straight from your GP surgery to the pharmacy. We also offer free prescription delivery to all patients who are unable to collect their prescriptions in person.

Free Prescriptions

Some patients are exempt from having to pay prescription charges. There are a number of different qualifying conditions for entitlement to free prescriptions. The young, the elderly, pregnant women, some people on benefits and people with a medical exemption certificate due to suffering from a qualifying medical condition are all usually exempt from paying prescription charges. To see the full list, and to see if you could qualify, visit our free prescriptions page.

Help With Prescription Costs

Help with the cost of prescriptions is available to some people on low incomes. The amount of help available is dependent on your total household income. If you qualify for help with your NHS charges then you may receive either full help (HC2 certificate) or partial help (HC3 certificate). In both cases you will need to complete an HC1 form which you can collect from any Newline Pharmacy branch. To find out more visit our prescription costs help page.

Prepayment Certifcates

Patients who have regular prescriptions, and who do not qualify for free prescriptions or help with prescription costs, could benefit from NHS prepayment certificates. Certificates are one-off payments that cover all prescription costs for either a three month or 12 month period. If you usually have more than three prescriptions in a three month period, or twelve prescriptions in a twelve month period, then purchasing a pre-payment certificate would save you money. For more information visit our NHS prepayment certificates page.

Dosette Boxes

prescription services dosette boxesOne of the most important prescription services offered by Newline Pharmacy is our dosette boxes service. For people who take multiple medications it can become confusing trying to remember when to take each medication and how often. Dosette boxes are designed to take away the confusion and to save you wondering if you have remembered to take the right medications at the right time. Visit our dosette boxes page to find out more about and to see if you would benefit from our pharmacists dispensing your prescriptions into a dosette box.

Medicines Use Review

prescription services medicines use reviewAnother important part of our prescription services is the Medicines Use Review (MUR). Mediciness Use Reviews are consultations carried out by qualified pharmacists. There are a number of benefits to having a Medicines Use Review. The pharmacist will explain your medications to you to ensure you understand what they are for and what they do, including any possible side affects. We will also make sure that you are taking your medications correctly. The MUR will also look at the combinations of medications that you are taking, and will assess if their are any issues with taking the combination of medications together. To find out if you would benefit from an MUR visit our Medicines Use Review page.